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Rack & reel hose

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Fire Hose Rack :

  • NAFFCO Fire hose racks are designed for use in controlling incipient fire by building occupant use and conform s to NFPA 14 standards for CLASS II service. The Fire Hose Racks are manufactured to comply FM standard Class 2141.

Specifications :

Size 1-1/2”x30 MTR
Model NHR 38V
Fire Hose Type Single jacket, Light weight Thermoplastic lining with high tenacity filament polyester yarn, UL listed
Size & Color 1.5”x30MTR., White
Service Pressure 150 PSI
Proof Pressure 500 PSI
Burst Pressure 750 PSI
Type 1-1/2” NH Female Threaded Coupling, Brass
Angle Valve*  
Working Pressure 300 PSI
Test Pressure 600 PSI
Inlet Size 1.5” Female NST Threaded
Discharge rate
(in full spray pattern)
130 ± 5GPM@100 PSI
* Pressure reducing Type available upon request

Features :

  • Hose rack frame material made of Stainless Steel Gr.304.
  • Provides an immediate water source for Fire suppression.
  • Easy operational for single person.
  • Hose rack is designed to hold the hose with movable pins for easy & quick operation at the time of Emergency.
  • An automatic release mechanism allows water to flow through the hose after removal of the hose and nozzle.
  • Standard assemblies include:
    • Angle Valve or pressure reducing type valve (UL/FM approval) • Hose rack frame • Hose rack nipple
    • Hose coupling • Fire Hose - 30 mtr. • Fog nozzle.
  • Hose rack frames are RED (RAL 3000) Polyester powder coated, oven baked.

Standards :

  • Fire hose manufactured to this specification shall meet & exceed all performance requirements of NFPA 1961, Underwriter’s Laboratories.
  • The hose shall be UL approved and can be labeled upon request in the size specified **