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3M Full Face Masks With Cartridges

This is a gas mask approved by NIOSH (National Organization of Safety & Hazard) & made by 3M, a name you know & trust for quality. Designed to be used with 3MTM Particulate Filters and 3MTM Gas and Vapor Cartridges. When combined with the proper cartridge, this respirator provides a high level of protection for industrial and chemical applications. Remarkably comfortable with soft, lightweight face piece and the easy-to-adjust head straps. Can be disassembled, cleaned and reused. Suggested applications: Painting, Welding, Abatement, Wood-working, Metal-Working, Utilities.

Spasciani Full Face Masks The TR 82 Mask Is Made Of:

Face blank molded in natural rubber ­EPDM mix or yellow silicone; visor, wide visibility, made of molded polycarbonate; available with scratch and solvent resistant hard coat, connector group, a single solvent and shock proof molding holding two exhalation valves, the inhalation, valve and the speech device; nose cup, to reduce dead space; two check valves for air circulation prevent the visor from steaming up; harness, five arm, molded in rubber; or silicone, provided with self-adjusting buckles; carrying strap, to hang mask around the neck during rest. One size only & fits any face shape giving a perfect seal, can be easily dismantled to pieces for cleaning & maintenance purposes, can be fitted with standard threaded boss to EN 148/1 and can be used with any respiratory devices provided with such a standard connector. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to use the TR 82 in a variety of conditions. Certified EN 136:98 CL3

Half Mask Respirators

With soft durable pliable rubber face piece, durable elastic adjustable headbands, deep chin cup for a roomy, comfortable seal and easy exhaling. Dual Cartridge and Single cartridge respirators are available


Conforms to EN149 2001 FFP2D standards - With polypropylene (P.P.) outer layers provides smooth lining and avoids loose fibers, Fringe seal avoids open layer around the edges, latex­free synthetic rubber head strap, Contour design ensures the compatibility of glasses & reduces fogging, Close-cell nose foam and adjustable nosepiece ensure custom shape and increase the worker comfort and acceptance, W/exhalation valve for breathing easier and reduce hot air build up. For protection against low-to­average toxicity harmful solid, liquid & smoke containing materials in concentrations up to 12 x OEL or lax APF, like calcium carbonate, china clay, cement, cellulose, sulfur, cotton, flour, ferrous metals, veg oils, hardwood, glass fibers, plastic, carbon, mineral oils, quartz, aluminum, bacteria, fungi and mycobacterium tuberculosis


Model Remarks
TR82 Full Face Mask - Spasciani, face blank molded
6800 Full Face Mask - 3M - Approved by NIOSH
SE1512 Half Mask Respirator - Dual Cartridges
SE1521 Half Mask Respirator - Single Cartridge
9200 Half Mask Respirator - NIOSH Approved - Dual Cartridge
6006 Multi Gas Cartridges
SE1230 Non toxic Particle Mask
SE1285 N95 Particulate Respirator
SE1252 FFP2 Particulate Respirator
SE1272 N95 particulate Respirator
SE1211 Active carbon sponge mask
SE1275 N95 Particulate respirator - Flat Fold EN
SE1518 140, CE - Half Mask Respirator
SE153H Cartridges for Half mask Respirator - SE1512, SE1521
G03 Cartridge for the Half mask respirator - 9200
SE1236 Ear Loop Mask