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Full Body Harness

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The range is a new generation of harnesses along with shock absorbers and lanyards are developed by a very famous French-German Consultant Group and is manufactured as per European Norm EN 361 and is CE 0082 approved. The marking on the webbing enables symmetrical adjustments (length of the shoulder straps, centering of the dorsal D-ring). It is possible to adjust the length of the buttock strap from hip to hip, according to the user’s physique, independent of the adjustment of the tight straps. The shape of the buttock strap is ergonomic and very reliable at the time of a fall.
When in use, due to the shape and the option of adjustment, the buttock strap will not slide down. The crossing of the webbing on the hip is a new innovation, giving a natural curved form and therefore avoiding any sliding up of the shoulder straps during a fall.