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Technical Specifications

  1. Operating Voltage: 24 VDC Loop, 24 VDC Power Supply
  2. Operating Current:
    • Loop: Standby Current 1mA, Alarm Current 5mA
    • Power Supply: Standby Current 3mA, Alarm Current 35mA
  3. Sounder Output: 94dB @ 1 Meter
  4. Wiring: Non-polarized 2-core for loop
  5. Non-polarized 2-core for power supply
  6. Operating Environment:
    • Temperature: -10~+50°C
    • Relatives Humidity: 95%
  7. Dimensions: Diameter 110mm, Height 97.5mm

Addressable Sounder

  1. Identical in appearance and features to the S-A491 but without the Strobe element